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Spear Online continues to add new resources with recent video releases that include three new Team Meeting videos and three new Patient Education animated videos now accessible to members.

Team Meeting videos are designed to keep dental practice team meetings productive and purposeful. Often less than 15 minutes in length, Team Meeting videos are facilitated by a Spear Resident Faculty member who relates lessons that will benefit every individual member of the practice team.

Team meetings create opportunities for each member of the practice to develop important skills and grow as a team, but team growth is continuous, and it must be embraced as an ongoing process.

In the newest Spear Online Team Meetings, Dr. Ricardo Mitrani breaks down dental photography, adult orthodontics, and feedback so your entire team can develop, grow together, and achieve practice goals.

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Feedback is neither easy nor simple for everyone to embrace. If you're not accustomed to it, giving and/or receiving feedback can be extremely daunting. But for a dental team to grow and succeed, regular feedback must be embedded within the organizational culture.

In this team meeting, Dr. Mitrani discusses how it's important to have a well-structured feedback strategy so team members can evolve personally, professionally, and even emotionally. Learn how to incorporate feedback in day-to-day organizational culture.

Learning objectives for this team meeting include:

  • Discuss the importance of feedback for personal growth.
  • Classify different mindsets.
  • Describe ways to give feedback.
  • Describe how to process feedback from others.

Why Orthodontics for the Adult Patient?

Get the practice team comfortable speaking to patients about the advantages of orthodontics. This 11-minute team meeting stimulates a discussion among team members while revealing the value adjunctive orthodontic therapy brings to a restorative practice.

Dr. Mitrani fosters interdisciplinary dental care by explaining how orthodontic therapy for adult patients opens a window of possibilities for a restorative practice with less invasive dentistry and more favorable long-term prognoses. Discover how to communicate a less is more treatment philosophy to patients.

Learning objectives for this team meeting include:

  • Relate adjunctive orthodontic therapy as an integral component of treatment planning.
  • Recall the less is more treatment philosophy.
  • Practice how to speak with patients about adjunctive orthodontic therapy.

Implementing Dental Photography

Increase awareness throughout the entire dental team on the importance of implementing dental photography in the contemporary dental practice. In this team meeting, Dr. Mitrani explains how utilizing photography optimizes treatment planning skills, improves communication with patients, dental technicians, every single practice team member, as well as the interdisciplinary team. Discuss how dental photography helps monitor clinical conditions throughout time supplementing patient records.

Learning objectives for this team meeting include:

  • Use dental photography in everyday practice.
  • Describe why is dental photography useful.
  • Explain why having clinical pictures of patients is important.

3 New Patient Education Videos Released

Patient Education videos provide short and succinct animated videos to empower patients to visualize their condition or procedure and engage them in the clinical co-discovery process. The videos give you and your team a simple multimedia tool to reduce friction from chairside discussions and increase case acceptance.

Videos can be shown chairside on a tablet and easily emailed or sent via text message, so patients have instructions accessible on their mobile device. Or you can print custom handouts for them to take home. Spanish-language closed captioning is also available. Three new Patient Education videos were recently released:

  • Failed Large Fillings (Amalgam): This video shows how an aging amalgam filling can cause cracks in posterior teeth.
  • Orthodontic Home Care for Clear Aligners: This home care video shows how to care for clear aligners and how to keep teeth healthy during orthodontic treatment.
  • Orthodontic Home Care for Traditional Braces: This home care video shows how to care for traditional braces and how to keep teeth healthy during orthodontic treatment.