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Spear Digest


Want Better Dental Restorations? Put Down Your Handpiece

How can you get better at restorative dentistry? One dentist has a suggestion.

| 3 months ago

Dental Treatment Planning: You Only See What You Know

Dentists cannot properly treatment plan if they don't see all there is to see in the patient's mouth. You only see what you know.

| 6 months ago

Caries Detection Tools: Select the Best for Your Practice

We break down the different caries detection tools on the market to help dentists choose what's best for their practice.

| 8 months ago

Caries Detection, Part I: What Do You See?

We take a comprehensive look at dental caries, from the latest research to photographic and radiographic images showing a variety of examples.

| 11 months ago

9 Steps to a Facebow Transfer

A step-by-step guide to facebow transfers, as well as recommendations on articulators.

| 1 year ago

Single Central Implant: From Dreaded to Manageable

From treatment planning to the final result, this article shows dentists how to make single central implants a more manageable procedure.

| 1 year ago