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Tools of the Trade: Electric Handpieces For Optimal Precision

While many dentists remain loyal to their air-driven handpieces, investing in electric handpieces may be a key to more efficient treatment - here's why.

| 2 months ago

Tooth Preparation Guides For Posterior Teeth

This article describes two different techniques for utilizing reduction guides to prepare posterior teeth.

| 2 months ago

How To Recognize the 5 Types Of Tooth Cracks

This article gives an in-depth look at the 5 different types of cracked teeth and how to plan and execute most effective...

| 3 months ago

Guidebook of Tooth Preparation Design

Looking for a guide to better preparation design? This article will help you navigate the nuances of outcome-based preparation design for more efficient...

| 4 months ago

Managing Oligodontia: A Case Report

This case study profiles a teen with oligodontia and describes the lengthy interdisciplinary process associated with treating the condition.

| 5 months ago

Creating "Wow" Restorative Results

Setting yourself up for success in restorative cases starts with these six key elements.

| 5 months ago

Communicating Predictable Incisal Edge Position

Learn how to predictably create the ideal incisal edge position - and communicate it to both your team and patient.

| 8 months ago

Simple Implant Surgical Guides and Implant Mapping

Even in the age of digital dentistry, analog concepts like implant surgical guides and mapping are necessary. Here's how they'll help you succeed.

| 9 months ago

Tissue Retraction: More than Just Cords

Retraction cords are the usual go-to for tissue retraction in restorative dentistry. But here's another technique you may want to try.

| 11 months ago

Guided Implant Surgery and the Blind Skier

We focus on two important aspects of guided implant surgery: trust and vision.

| 1 year ago

Single Anterior Implants Made Easy As 1-2-3

While single anterior implant restorations are a mainstay, varying situations create challenges for dentists. However, following this 1-2-3 sequence can help...

| 2 years ago

Use Mock-Ups to Increase Case Acceptance

Using a mock-up is a great way to create value for esthetic dentistry. They help to visualize the desired end result in the patient's mouth; it helps...

| 5 years ago