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Mucosal Contact Headache: A Dental Enigma

Mysterious toothaches on the upper teeth may be related to inflamed sinus mucosal pressure on the maxillary nerves.

| 1 month ago

The Importance of Recording the Clinical Record

Learn what dentists should and shouldn't include in patients' clinical records, as well as how that information could be used.

| 4 months ago

Manage Challenging Dental Patients with the B-A-N-J-O

When challenging dental patients create an ethical quandry, dentists should use the acronym B-A-N-J-O to help them decide what to do.

| 5 months ago

Understanding the Informed Consent Process for Dentists

Informed consent in dentistry is an important part of pre-treatment communication with patients. Learn how to ensure you and your patients are on the...

| 6 months ago

Making Sense of the Clinical Record

We look at the different methods of recording treatment notes, including narrative, SOAP and more.

| 7 months ago

Guidelines for Posterior Denture Teeth

For a more successful denture therapy, use these guidelines for selecting and positioning posterior denture teeth.

| 9 months ago

Best Practices for Denture Teeth Selection

Here's why - and how - dentists should become more involved in the denture teeth selection process.

| 10 months ago

Bringing Patients Comfort During Lengthy Dental Procedures

One of our contributors shares his favorite device for avoiding TMJ trauma and frustration in the operatory during lengthy procedures.

| 11 months ago

Dental Records Tips: The Threat of Ransomware

Learn more about ransomwear and how it can negatively affect your dental record keeping.

| 1 year ago

Dental Records Tips: RAIDs and Mirrored Servers

Closing our series on dental practice data backup systems, we look at RAID and mirrored servers.

| 1 year ago

Dental Records Tips: Security Risk with Off-Site Back-ups

In our continuing 'Dental Records Tips' series, we look at how even off-site data back-ups can leave a dentist susceptible to HIPAA violations.

| 1 year ago

Dental Records Tips: Facts About Fail-Safes

When it comes to dental record keeping, even in this day of advanced technology nothing is fail-proof. Here are some tips to keep you records safe.

| 1 year ago