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Providing an Ethical Second Opinion

What are best practices when it comes to managing patients who come to you looking for a 'second opinion?'

| 4 days ago

A Paradigm Shift in Understanding Risk for Cancer in Dentistry

For the sake of the patient's overall health, dentists must understand risk factors for oral cancer and how to handle these difficult discussions with...

| 2 weeks ago

Converting an Anterior Bite Plane to a Full Arch Splint

This article will teach you how to convert an anterior bite plane appliance to a full-arch appliance to meet the needs of your patient.

| 3 weeks ago

Minimizing Post-Operative Pain with Irrigation

When it comes to minimizing post-op pain for your patients, it's important to understand the chemistry behind various irrigation methods.

| 3 months ago

The Duchenne Smile and What It Means To You

As smile artists, dentists must understand the full benefits and impacts of the attractive smiles we're creating for our patients.

| 4 months ago

Realizing the Risks With Emergency Dental Care

Managing patients who present with an 'emergency' dental situation can present special challenges and risks to be aware of.

| 4 months ago

Managing Cracked Teeth: An Enigma Wrapped Up Inside a Riddle Asking Questions

Managing the cracked tooth can be an incredibly complicated process. This article breaks down best practices for prognosis, treatment and decision-making...

| 7 months ago

An Overview of Radiographic Technologies in General Dentistry

Dr. Kevin Huff outlines the main types of radiographic technology used in general dentistry.

| 9 months ago

Mucosal Contact Headache: A Dental Enigma

Mysterious toothaches on the upper teeth may be related to inflamed sinus mucosal pressure on the maxillary nerves.

| 11 months ago

The Importance of Recording the Clinical Record

Learn what dentists should and shouldn't include in patients' clinical records, as well as how that information could be used.

| 1 year ago

Manage Challenging Dental Patients with the B-A-N-J-O

When challenging dental patients create an ethical quandry, dentists should use the acronym B-A-N-J-O to help them decide what to do.

| 1 year ago

Understanding the Informed Consent Process for Dentists

Informed consent in dentistry is an important part of pre-treatment communication with patients. Learn how to ensure you and your patients are on the...

| 1 year ago