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4 Ways to Use Plumber's Tape in Your Dental Practice

Call it plumber's tape, PTFE tape or thread seal tape, dentists should keep this in their armamentarium.

| 8 months ago

A Step-by-Step Guide to Virtual Crown Lengthening

Learn about the concept of Virtual Crown Lengthening, a simple way to show your dental patients how their smile could look.

| 10 months ago

5 Steps to Improving Case Acceptance

Utilizing these five simple steps can vastly improve your patient's understanding of what you can do as a restorative dentist.

| 11 months ago

Managing the Second Opinion: Part II

When seeing second-opinion patients, communication can seem like a precarious exercise. Using these tips, however, will set you - and the patient - up...

| 1 year ago

Managing the Second Opinion: Part I

What causes a patient to seek a second opinion? What can you do to build trust and open communication so your patients don't leave your practice? Read...

| 1 year ago

Treatment Planning: Optimizing Results and Case Acceptance by Utilizing the Buyer’s Journey

While dentists have patients and not 'buyer's,' utilizing the concepts of the Buyer's Journey can help with treatment planning and case acceptance.

| 1 year ago

Power of Renovation: 3 Steps to a More Successful Dental Practice

Want a more successful dental practice? Renovating these three areas may yield results you didn't think possible.

| 1 year ago