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Sleep Apnea: History of Present Illness

When we choose to treat Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB) in our dental offices, we take on a set of increased responsibilities. Thorough data collection...

| 3 years ago

Understanding the Medical Examination for Sleep Patients

In dentistry, it's common to have patients fill out a medical history listing prior concerns, allergies and current medications. We are curious about...

| 3 years ago

Six Things to Know When Selecting a Sleep Appliance

As mentioned in a previous article on treatment for patients with sleep disorders, sleep appliance designs are many and varied.

| 3 years ago

Think Like a Physician to Treat Sleep Disorders

In a previous article, I went over some of the chief concerns to be aware of when treating a patient with a sleep disorder. Effectively treating these...

| 3 years ago

Choosing a Sleep Appliance

With over 90 FDA approved different sleep appliances on the market, it's puzzling to know which one is right for your patient. Not all 90 are...

| 4 years ago