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Just the Basics Please, Part I: Implant Parts and Pieces 101

Part 1 in a series of articles by Dr. Jeff Lineberry to help dentists feel more comfortable about dental...

| 1 week ago

Implant Tissue Development in the Posterior with Digital Dentistry

Did you know you can achieve soft tissue support around an implant in the posterior with digital dentistry? Here's how.

| 2 weeks ago

Implants, Overdentures and Hybrids: Rapidly Expanding Options for the Edentulous Patient!

Dr. Steve Ratcliff uses current literature to discuss the changing options for edentulous patients, including implants, hybrids and overdentures.

| 3 weeks ago

Simple Implant Surgical Guides and Implant Mapping

Even in the age of digital dentistry, analog concepts like implant surgical guides and mapping are necessary. Here's how they'll help you succeed.

| 4 weeks ago

Dealing with a Damaged Implant

When treating damaged implants, are you asking the right 'whys'?

| 1 month ago

A Primer on Locator Abutments for Implant Overdentures

Here's a quick look at the benefits and complications surrounding the use of a locator abutment.

| 1 month ago

'Closed Tray' vs. ‘Open Tray' Implant Impressions

We compare and contrast closed tray and open tray implant impressions.

| 2 months ago

3 Techniques to Remove Broken Abutment Screws

Learn the causes of broken implant abutment screws, as well as three ways to remove them.

| 2 months ago

What’s the Story on Ceramic Implants?

All-ceramic one-piece implants may be a controversial development, but there is evidence to show they may be a useful option.

| 4 months ago

Pontic Design Considerations: A Comprehensive Review

Pontic shape types, design principles, modifications - and communicating with your lab about all of this - is covered in this thorough review of pontic...

| 5 months ago

Best Practices for Presenting the Immediate Fixed Hybrid Case

Immediate fixed hybrid treatment can be overwhelming when first presented to patients. Here are some tips on helping your patients see the benefits of...

| 6 months ago

The Abutment Option Most Dentists Overlook

Though often overlooked, the Custom UCLA-metal ceramic abutment offers many benefits.

| 8 months ago