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Why You Need To Be Taking Photos in Your Dental Practice

How can you get started with taking photos in your dental practice? We answer that and more in this article.

| 3 weeks ago

4 Tips for Decreasing Sensitivity After Composites

Is composite sensitivity just a fact of life? It doesn't have to be if you follow these four tips.

| 1 month ago

Are Scuba Divers Really at Significant Increased Risk for Dental Symptoms?

We review recent research on how scuba diving can affect dental health.

| 2 months ago

Dealing with a Damaged Implant

When treating damaged implants, are you asking the right 'whys'?

| 3 months ago

Dental Composite Comparison: Venus Diamond vs. Estelite Omega

In Part II of this dental composite comparison series, we compare Venus Diamond to Estelite Omega.

| 6 months ago

Diagnosing Dental Pain: The Phantom Menace

When diagnosing dental pain, it can be frustrating when initial tests don't reveal much if anything. One dentist shares how he solved one such case.

| 6 months ago

What Goes in a Complete Treatment Note and Why

We cover the 5 main things that should go in a dental treatment note as well as additions for unique...

| 8 months ago

Dentistry: A Service, Not a Commodity

If you don't understand they provide a service, not a commodity, your patients won't either.

| 9 months ago

4 Questions to Ask When Evaluating Cracked Teeth

We outline some considerations dentists must make when evaluating a patient who may have a cracked tooth.

| 9 months ago

3 Easy Ways to Use Stock Implant Abutments

Stock implant abutments usually require some compromises. Here are three simple ways to avoid having to make those compromises in many cases.

| 11 months ago

Preparing the Intaglio of Restorations for Delivery

If you want to make sure your restorations stay on, check out these material-specific tips on preparing and treating the internal surface of your restorations.

| 1 year ago

Occlusion: Teeth vs. Implants

Whether we're talking about teeth or implants, occlusion can be a tricky thing. So in this article we highlight their key differences in regards to occlusion...

| 1 year ago