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Spear Digest


Punishment For "Needing" a MAD: Condemned To Suboptimal Treatment?

Treatment planning for patients with a mandibular advancement device involves a lot of complexities and compromises.

| 1 week ago

Should Dentists Recommend Wearing Dentures During Sleep?

Years of research have shown the risks of wearing dentures to sleep, but its major airway benefits are worth considering.

| 1 week ago

Defining Hypopnea: What's In a Number?

Developing a solid understanding and definition of hypopnea is key to strengthening links between medicine and dentistry.

| 2 weeks ago

Nasal Breathing: Keystone to Oral and Systemic Health

Mouth breathing can have significant impacts on a patient's oral and systemic health.

| 4 weeks ago

Orthodontics: A Link To Health and Wellness?

Studies suggest that orthodontic treatment goes far beyond function and esthetics and may play into patients' overall physical and mental health.

| 1 month ago