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Xylitol: The Biggest Game Changer for Dental Hygiene

We take an in-depth look at xylitol and how it can change dental hygiene as we know it.

| 1 day ago

Dental Composites in 2017: Types and Recommendations

In 2017, what dental composites should you use? And what should you look for when shopping around. This article answers those...

| 2 days ago

How to Give a Painless Injection

What can you do to help ease one of the most unpleasant parts of dentistry? Here are some ideas.

| 1 week ago

Modifying an Anterior Bite Plane with DURASPLINT LC

We offer a 3-step technique for adding material to an existing anterior bite plane.

| 2 weeks ago

How to Manage White Spot Lesions

Managing white spot lesions can be a challenge for dentists. Here are four considerations for a successful prevention strategy.

| 2 weeks ago

Records Necessary for Delivery of an Immediate Fixed Hybrid Case

We look at the three primary components needed for a fixed hybrid case: photographs, diagnostic models and CBCT scans.

| 3 weeks ago

Cephalometrics and the Restorative Connection Part One: Soft Tissue Profile

When treatment planning restorative dentistry, ensure you consider the facial profile and these soft tissue cephalometrics.

| 4 weeks ago

The Pieces of the Puzzle: Technical Steps to Produce a Diagnostic Wax-Up

Know how a dental lab technician produces a diagnostic wax-up so you can better treatment plan.

| 4 weeks ago

Replacing Triad Provisional Material

Triad provisional material is no longer available. Here's what you can use instead.

| 4 weeks ago

SonicFill: As Good As It Sounds

A review of SonicFill composite, including tips, tricks and lessons learned.

| 1 month ago

The Double-Cord Impression Technique

Try using this impression technique to create better dental restorations.

| 1 month ago

A Simplified Process for Bonding e.max and Other Glass Ceramic Restorations

Here's an easy four-step process to achieve an optimal bond to your e.max.

| 1 month ago