What if your patients recommended you more often or were more likely to return to your practice? What if your patients were less sensitive about the cost of dental procedures?

Emotionally engaged customers are at least three times more likely to recommend you, three times more likely to return to your practice and are much less price-sensitive, according to Dr. Ricardo Mitrani, a Mexico City-based prosthodontist and member of Spear Resident Faculty who recently released three new Spear Online team meeting modules to assist doctors and their teams in effective patient relations.

“Not every patient is for every dentist, and not every dentist is for every patient,” Dr. Mitrani said. “I find it fascinating how a dental office will typically end up having, believe it or not, the patients they deserve. It’s almost like they both influence each other's behavior.”

The new team meeting modules offer simple strategies to better interact with patients — a crucial consideration, given how essential patient satisfaction is to retention and referrals.

"A communication breakdown may happen between the patient and doctor, the patient and dental assistant, the patient and treatment coordinator, the patient and front desk person," Dr. Mitrani added. "And any one of these breakdowns may create a big problem for the practice and it may end up affecting everyone.”

In "Creating Emotionally Engaged Patients," Dr. Mitrani explores the importance of the new patient experience and how to create connections that last a lifetime.

In "How to Handle Negative Feedback from a Patient," Dr. Mitrani provides valuable tips on how to counteract or mitigate a patient's complaint, turning a negative experience into a growth opportunity for the entire practice.

In "Communication Breakdown When Interacting with Patients," Dr. Mitrani drives home the fact that when a practice team member interacts with a patient there is always a potential for miscommunication.

The new, 10-minute team meetings will leave members of the practice team more confident in their ability to:

  • Reflect on potential room for improvement
  • Recognize the importance of the new patient experience
  • Use extra care when delivering sensitive information to a patient, where a subtle balance of patient education and empathy is paramount

The video lessons and guided discussion resources of Spear Online team meetings enable you to make your regular sit-downs highly engaging and productive. Meeting modules come fully equipped with agendas, discussion questions and implementation plans, which help you maintain consistent standards and messaging across all functions of the practice.