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Spear Digest


3 Ways To Help Patients Pay For the Dental Care They Need

Don't let costs be the reason your patients decline your best treatment - help them value dental care and understand their best payment options.

| 4 hours ago

Lip, Tooth, Ridge Classification Part 2: Risk Assessment

In the second article of his 'Lip, Tooth, Ridge' series, Dr. Ricardo Mitrani explains how to carry out esthetic and structural risk assessments.

| 4 days ago

Spear Releases New 'Introduction to Airway Prosthodontics" Curriculum

Spear has released a new curriculum on airway prosthodontics that introduces viewers to the signs, impacts and treatment of airway dysfunction.

| 5 days ago

That's a Lot Of Soft Tissue To Look At, But It's Our Responsibility

Classifying and evaluating soft tissue structures can be a key component in identifying potential airway issues and overall oral health.

| 6 days ago