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Making 2018 Your Best Year Yet

Kick start your 2018 by setting achievable, measurable goals for your practice and ensuring you have all the right tools to get...

| 2 weeks ago

The 5 Patients Every Dentist Will Treat

Are you prepared to treat these five types of patients?

| 3 weeks ago

What Do Dental Consultants Know That I Don’t?

Imtiaz Manji offers insight into the benefits dental consultants offer practices.

| 1 month ago

Secrets of Life and Love: A Thanksgiving Reflection

Imtiaz Manji offers perspective on the power and purpose of gratitude, even beyond Thanksgiving.

| 2 months ago

Why No Dental Practice Should Have a Waiting Room

Imtiaz Manji shares his advice on how to create a welcoming, relaxing pre-appointment environment for your patients.

| 3 months ago

6 Things You Must Do When Bringing Aboard a New Associate

Bringing on a new associate? Here's how to make sure your partnership starts and stays strong and successful.

| 4 months ago

3 Ways To Help Patients Pay For the Dental Care They Need

Don't let costs be the reason your patients decline your best treatment - help them value dental care and understand their best payment options.

| 6 months ago

What is an Active Patient?

Imtiaz Manji breaks down the meaning of an 'active patient' and explains the dentist's role in maintaining that status.

| 6 months ago

3 Things Every Dental Practice Needs To Know About Morning Meetings

This article will help you understand how to enhance your morning meetings to be as efficient as possible.

| 7 months ago

Your First Five Years: Advice for New Dentists

The first five years of a young dentist's career can set the stage for decades of professional success.

| 8 months ago

How Much Are You Leaving on the Table?

Imtiaz Manji discusses the value of investing in growth systems and leadership training, two necessities provided by Spear Practice Solutions.

| 8 months ago

VIDEO: Advice For Newly Practicing Dentists

Imtiaz Manji shares advice for newly practicing dentists of ten years or less, as well as third- and fourth-year dental students, in this video.

| 11 months ago