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Spear Patient Education

Surveys Indicate High Value
for Patient Education

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Is Educating Patients an Option? Or Your Obligation?

To us, the message is clear. More than 90 percent of patients who watch Patient Education videos are better prepared to explore treatment and payment options, according to survey results. In fact, effective communication is so crucial to the overall satisfaction of your patients, the Patient Education platform is included with your Spear membership.

Help the average person grasp the importance of their own dental health with comprehensive, customizable Patient Education videos. Stream easy-to-understand visuals chairside via our new tablet app or to your lobby via Fire TV Stick and Apple TV.

With such a powerful tool at your fingertips, you’ll make complex clinical issues easily digestible and case presentation more engaging than ever before.

Videos can be emailed to patients, shared via text message, embedded on
your practice website or printed as custom handouts


The Patient Education Impact

Based on proven communication principles and responses from hundreds of patients, the interactive platform makes Great Dentistry easily understandable with videos that explain conditions and treatment options without creating shame or fear.

Fire TV Stick
& Apple TV

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Remove friction and reimagine
the chairside experience

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The Experience Your Patients Desire

Spear has always taken an empirical approach to dental education. Through the development of the Patient Education platform, we engaged a medical research firm and conducted extensive surveys to better understand patients’ reactions to videos.

A survey of 500 patients showed that after watching the Patient Education video on gingival recession:

  • 95% wanted to understand treatment options
  • 91% wanted payment options if treatment was not covered
  • 78% felt it would be helpful if their dentist offered Patient Education Videos

We also studied the reactions of 400 other adult dental patients who were shown our lobby video about cracked teeth. Results showed:

  • 91% reported they would move forward with treatment after seeing the video
  • 86% felt repairing a cracked tooth prevents more work in the future (they understood the consequences of inaction)
  • 84% felt “wait and see” was a bad choice for small cracks (they became aware of the problem)

Our high-definition animations provide
clinical accuracy in an easy-to-grasp format


Vivid Visuals to Shape Patient Awareness

Empower your patients with videos and supporting content that explain their individual cases in terms they can easily understand with more than 160 animated videos designed by multimedia experts in conjunction with world-renowned Spear faculty.

Increase credibility

Having the visual aid at your fingertips eases patients into the conversation about their overall oral health and specific condition.

Ensure engagement

With visuals to help tell the story, you can speak to patients on their level and effortlessly remove any friction out of the informed consent process.


Digital tools to redefine how you communicate with patients


Make Your Lobby
More Engaging

The Patient Education platform includes a library of condition overview videos, such as those on hygiene habits and tooth wear, that are ideal to stream in your lobby.

Plug-and-play with Fire TV Stick & Apple TV

Our new native apps make it easy for your staff to automate content so you can focus on other practice priorities.

Unobtrusive silent videos

Even as they run in the background, Patient Education videos are designed to catch the viewer’s attention, so they come to your chair prepared and ask more informed questions about their oral health.

Customize your lobby video content

Create custom video playlists that reflect your practice's clinical standards by uploading your own images, logos and specific information.

decay-video Your member success advisor will connect you with technical support if necessary.

Download your tablet app:

Patient Education — One of the Many Benefits of Spear Online

Gain instant, 24/7 access with an annual membership, or schedule an interactive tour to explore the award-winning features that will change how you and your team members address CE and patient communication.

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