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A Country Rich in Culture Chichicastenango, Guatemala

It felt empty not having the rest of the crew present for the last 2 days of this trip. I did miss the synergy that we had going. On the other hand it did give me some time to put a few things together and to follow up on some items.

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"Antigua Guatemala Our volunteers will stay in this enchanting city.

On Thursday night I was able to have dinner with a U.S. attorney and his wife who currently live in Guatemala City. They have been there the past few years. They were very supportive in our endeavor and thought it was a very worthwhile project. They also provided me with a list of 15 places of interest in the outlying areas where dentists would be able to visit. Not only will we get the satisfaction of serving others through dentistry but also through this we will also get a huge cultural experience.

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"Beautiful Agua Volcano

Also as we are able to make return trips we will be able to do something different with each visit.That evening I was able to talk with two American missionaries who have been living in Peronia, the community where the clinic is located. I told them about our plans to help serve the community of 80,000 people. I did tell them that we were under the impression that there was no dentists in that area. The two confirmed it….no dentists. They were excited at the possibility that a dental facility like this was to be a reality soon and what a huge asset it would be. Their closing comment was that these people need literally everything.

I do want to personally thank Evelyn, Lisa and Shelli for doing a phenomenal job in organizing this trip to Guatemala. They did an outstanding job in getting us in touch with key people to help us launch this ambitious project. For without the help of these key people we would have had a very difficult time getting this off the ground. I want to thank Matt for being here to bounce all of our ideas off. He has a great intuition and a feel for what the potential this has.

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Mike and a little boy on the steps of an Antiqua Cathedral

I would like to close this blog with a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson. “We are all inventors, each sailing out on a voyage of discovery, guided each by a private chart, of which there is no duplicate. The world is all gates, all opportunities.” I hope that all of us at Spear Education will “discover” within ourselves the need to use our skills to help those who are literally unable to help themselves. The “gate” is truly wide open for us to enter.

It is time for me to sign off. Thank you for an awesome trip. Can’t wait to return

Mike Johnson