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Immediacy in implant therapy has become increasingly appealing for patients who want their implant surgery and new teeth all on the same day. However, this technique can lead to apprehension within the dental team.

In his newest Spear Study Club module, “Immediacy in Implant Therapy,” Dr. Ricardo Mitrani highlights important precautions that a practice team should agree upon to ensure a smooth and uneventful outcome.

“It is not uncommon to hear that this topic may generate anxiety among some members of the treatment team,” said Dr. Mitrani, who has authored numerous articles on implant prosthodontics and esthetic dentistry.

“If you think about it, more often than not we may feel anxiety when the outcome of any given procedure is contingent upon a number of variables that may not be all that clear before we start the procedure,” he said. “This module will address these issues so that there is more clarity across the treatment team.”

By learning from the “Immediacy in Implant Therapy” module, clinicians can demonstrate their commitment to providing patients with quick and convenient care in today’s competitive marketplace.

This course will leave Study Club members more confident in their ability to:

  • Define immediacy in implant therapy
  • Communication process with the patient
  • Discuss the step-by-step surgical/restorative protocols
  • Relate a linear thought process that allows the team to obtain consistent results


Commenter's Profile Image Joseph P.
February 19th, 2020
Clear concise communcation with the patient is essential. Managing expections is always a very real challenge we face. Patients are quick to turn very negitive if they have unrealistic expectations and that is not managed well by all members of the team.