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Specialists and General Practitioners – Engage Your Interdisciplinary Team Online and in Your Community

Dental Study Club Learning in an
Intimate Group Dynamic

Lead your own or join one that reflects your goals. Dental study clubs facilitate professional development and networking for clinicians within a shared local community. Spear has the most established network of study clubs in the world, with thousands of members and hundreds of active clubs that offer small-group learning supported by prescribed curriculum to shape productive interdisciplinary relationships.

Collaborate on real-world cases virtually or in person with online learning modules from the industry leader in dental continuing education. Your club will discover how to drive consistently successful case management and shape lasting bonds to complete more interesting and potentially lucrative cases together.

Thousands of Members
Hundreds of Clubs
One Community


Enjoy access to these resources as part of your membership:

Integrated Curriculum and Learning Modules

Grow the skills of everyone in the office with prescribed learning covering everything from foundational skills to steps for immediate implementation and solving complex clinical challenges. Also, choose from more than 100 modules that are updated frequently, giving you everything you need to drive purposeful meetings, such as:

  • Guided discussion videos
  • Leader discussion videos
  • Digital treatment planning templates and worksheets
  • Pre- and post-treatment images
  • Diagnostic models
  • Case history and charts
Spear Online – the Gateway to Great Dentistry

Each club member and up to 10 of their team members get 24/7 access to dentistry’s most innovative online education platform for related content and supplemental learning tools. Take advantage of more than 1,500 video lessons, including CE-eligible coursework and multimedia to help any dental team member feel more confident in their role.

The self-guided Practice Recovery program helps clinicians bounce back the financial impact of the COVID-19 crisis. This program has been developed with content from our Practice Solutions team of experts and is available at no cost to all Spear members.

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Spear Seminars - Virtual and Campus

Study Club members have the option to include exclusive, guaranteed access to Spear Seminars in addition to their membership. With the seminar option, you’ll gain access to one virtual seminar and one seminar at the Spear Campus in Scottsdale, Arizona or two virtual seminars. With virtual seminars, you’ll get a flexible campus experience anywhere and still stay connected to instructors and peers.

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Spear Summit

Enjoy a uniquely interactive and intimate experience that reflects everything we love about uniting for Summit. We’ll have presentations by the top names in dentistry, giving you flexible access to Spear faculty and presenters who include some of the most innovative clinicians in the world.

Patient Education

With Spear Online access, you get exclusive use of Patient Education platform and tablet app, which revolutionizes the chairside experience with animated videos that help patients clearly visualize their conditions and confidently accept treatment. Customize content for specific cases, pause videos to make annotations with a drawing tool and share treatment recommendations with patients with the swipe of your finger.

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Lead a Club

Become a Thought Leader

Guide your fellow doctors to Great Dentistry

Leading a club is the ideal way to positively support and encourage stronger interdisciplinary teamwork in your community. We provide you with tools to develop a highly collaborative system that builds trust and enables everyone to improve.

As a Spear Study Club Leader, you set the pace for your club to meet up to eight times a year in a comfortable, small-group environment. Each meeting incorporates guided discussion videos and clinical resources, including online learning modules created and taught by world-renowned Spear Resident Faculty.

Fortify the Interdisciplinary Team

Strengthen how you and your trusted colleagues collaborate on interdisciplinary cases.

Sharpen Clinical Skills

You and your interdisciplinary team members build confidence with understanding how various roles contribute to more consistent case outcomes.

Maximize Profitability

Establish a process where everyone feels empowered on routine referrals and more complex cases, rather than just generating more work.

“I’ve achieved clinical excellence and now enjoy dentistry more because of the perspectives I’ve been exposed to in my study club.”

- Patrick Calalang, D.M.D.
Gilbert, Arizona

Join a Club

Learn Alongside the
Best and Brightest

Locate a club that satisfies
your clinical interests

Joining a Spear Study Club is as simple as getting mapped to one in your area that includes interdisciplinary team members with the right mix of expertise to help you improve. The small-group dynamic enables everyone on the team to learn clinical strategies and shape lasting bonds.

Spear has cultivated the most established network of dental study clubs in the world, with thousands of club members are nearly 1,000 active clubs.

Sharpen Clinical Skills

Expand your clinical skills by collaborating on real-world cases in a supportive environment backed by Spear curriculum and learning tools.

Learn from Trusted Peers

Understand what drives positive, predictable patient outcomes by better understanding the perspectives of your fellow interdisciplinary team members.

Quality Referrals

Develop the rapport with team members that’s so essential to take on more complex cases and improve patient outcomes.

“It’s all about helping one another. Establishing a safe environment has fostered engagement and collaboration on actual cases during club meetings.”

- Janette Larsen, D.M.D.
San Diego, California

Virtual Study Club

Your Alternative to
In-Person Meetings

Struggling to meet in person?
We have you covered.

iPad displaying Virtual Study Club

If you can’t get your interdisciplinary team together in the same room, virtual Spear Study Club meetings help you collaborate and discuss the new realities facing dental practices.

If you can’t get your interdisciplinary team together in the same room, virtual Spear Study Club meetings help you collaborate and discuss the new realities facing dental practices.

Study Club’s intimate, small-group learning environment conveys ideally to the web – and new features allow clinicians to connect and strengthen their knowledge through virtual communications.

Video Conferencing

Maintaining communication with study club members can provide clarity and focus, no matter what your practice is faced with. Online video conferencing offers flexibility for clubs that cannot connect in person.

Online Support

Study club advisors help you identify the best content for teams to discuss during virtual meetings and ensure club members understand how the optimize their technology

Spear Educational Values

Virtual club meetings follow the same educational values espoused by faculty throughout the Spear ecosystem. Expect the same quality of content, just with added online versatility.

“Having a laptop with you allows you to attend the meeting from anywhere and people have busy lives. There’s increased flexibility for everyone, better participation, and it makes it easier to share information.”

- Zachary Kammer, D.M.D.
Lakewood, Colorado

Success Stories

The Impact of Small-Group Learning

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Ready to Lead or Join a Club in Your Community?

Whether you’re a general practitioner seeking to join or a specialist looking to lead, Spear Study Club equips you with a small-group environment designed to help interdisciplinary teams evolve.

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