Missing teeth are a dime a dozen in the dental practice, but developing the most viable treatment plan isn't always straightforward. Alternatives for tooth replacement depend upon a variety of factors, including the nature of the tooth loss and the patient's personal growth and development. Spear has released a new Spear Online course and complementary Study Club module to help clinicians execute the best possible treatment, with an emphasis on resin-bonded bridges for long-term provisionalization. 

Study Club members can begin diving into this topic with a new module led by Spear Resident Faculty member Dr. Jeff Bonk. In "Treatment Options For Long-Term Provisionalization," Dr. Bonk describes situations that contribute to missing teeth as well as replacement options. He discusses a variety of treatment alternatives and specifically highlights a case study from his own practice in which he used resin-bonded fixed retainers. 

After watching this module, Study Club members will have a better understanding of how to successfully implement this treatment option and why this is such a great option for patients who are still growing and developing. 

Dr. Bonk takes this training to the next level in "Technique Workshop: Resin-Bonded Bridges," a four-lesson Spear Online course detailing step-by-step techniques for fabricating, removing and repairing a resin-bonded fixed provisional for a missing anterior tooth. This course also includes a detailed list of materials that are crucial to case success, as these determine the longevity of a posterior restoration.

This course shows Dr. Bonk working on lifelike models to demonstrate best practices for injecting a flowable composite for fabrication, embedding ribbond material and maneuvering a fluted composite bur to ideally remove a bridge for reuse. 

These new materials are designed to enhance clinical confidence and understanding of this key method for treating missing teeth, and GPs and specialists alike can benefit from the tips and techniques presented. 

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