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The Foundation for Dental Laboratory Technology recently announced the winners of the first-ever 2016 Spear Education Grant:

  • Anthony Calonico, CDT, TE – Bolingbrook, Ill.
  • Daniel Ulaszek, CDT – Bolingbrook, Ill.
  • Naoki Aiba, CDT – Monterey, Calif.
  • Paul McGrath, CDT – Bolingbrook, Ill.
  • Remington Redell, CDT – Aurora, Colo.

Spear Education, along with the Foundation for Dental Laboratory Technology, created this grant in order to support the Foundation’s purpose by making higher-level education more accessible. Thanks to the generosity of Spear Education, each individual will have their tuition fee for a Spear Seminar course covered as part of this grant. The cost for such a course would typically be $1,695 per seat.

“The Foundation was able to offer more grants and scholarships this year than ever before, and Spear Education is one of the many to thank for that,” said Jeff Stronk, Foundation chair. “With the Foundation striving to improve the nation's educational climate for dental technicians, and Spear Education revolving around continuing education, it’s a perfect match and opportunity for which we are incredibly appreciative.”

The grant was first discussed when Spear Study Club advisors noticed a lack of participation by lab technicians in the Study Club system.

“We know that the most successful clubs have representation by a dental laboratory and that the technician brings a unique perspective and a wide range of experience to Study Clubs,” said Dr. Steve Ratcliff, Spear’s vice president of business development. “We also know that everyone in the club becomes more productive when all parties in a patient's care are represented.”

Thus, Spear worked with the Foundation to create the grant as a means to reach out to the laboratory space and to give technicians the opportunity to experience a true interdisciplinary environment. The seminars will also give technicians a chance to see how their contribution is equally important to that of all the rest of the clinicians

“We really hope that technicians take the opportunity to fully interact with the dentists who are present at our seminars,” Ratcliff said. “They will come to understand how important their role is in the care of our patients and how important it is for their perspective to be heard.”

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