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Spear Digest


Return On Investment in the Dental Practice

Understanding the basics of ROI (return on investment) is crucial to enhancing technology and profitability in your practice.

| 3 days ago

Occlusal (Bite) Disease

Among all oral diseases, occlusal disease is one of the least frequently discussed. Find out how to recognize it and why it matters.

| 1 week ago

Defined Dental Benefit Plans: Can They Limit the Fees of Non-Covered Services?

We discuss the ethical and professional dilemmas surrounding defined dental benefit plans.

| 4 months ago

Gold, Ceramic and Composite: A Restorative Dental Material Discussion

What lasts longer? What's more esthetically pleasing? We look at restorative dental material options and what dentists should consider.

| 6 months ago

Defined Dental Benefit Plans: Why Insurance Does Not Exist

We look at the difference between defined dental benefit plans and dental insurance.

| 7 months ago

My Dental Practice Server is Down!

We give you five tips to keep your practice running - and your sanity - when your dental practice server goes down.

| 9 months ago

EFSB Guide 2016: Revised for Easier Use

Learn how to get the outcomes you desire for your patients with our updated Esthetics-Function-Structure-Biology Checklist.

| 10 months ago

How to Get the Most Out of Analog Articulators

Analog articulators may be considered 'old school,' but there are advantages to using them.

| 11 months ago

The Evolution of Composites and Light-Curing

We look at the evolution of light curing and composite materials and what you can do to better your outcomes today.

| 1 year ago

Etchmaster Now Part of Spear Armamentarium

Spear has added multiple Etchmaster units, an in-operatory etching unit by Groman Dental, to one of our campus workshop labs.

| 1 year ago

Cementation and Bonding Systems Checklists

Checklists are important to ensure successful, repeatable results. That is why we're offering a free set of customizable bonding protocol checklists for...

| 1 year ago

Two Steps to Better Bonding in Dental Restorations

Besides the two steps to better bonding, we also cover solutions to potential problems with etching and silane application.

| 1 year ago