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Occlusion: Teeth vs. Implants

Whether we're talking about teeth or implants, occlusion can be a tricky thing. So in this article we highlight their key differences in regards to occlusion...

| 3 hours ago

A Guide to Anterior Open Bites

Dr. Frank Spear discusses the causes of anterior open bites and how to diagnose them.

| 1 day ago

Options for Treating Excess Overjet

From no treatment to orthognathic surgery, Dr. Frank Spear walks clinicians through the various options for treating excess overjet.

| 2 months ago

A Comparison of Orthodontic Retention Options

In this in-depth look at orthodontic retainers, we show how each can be used and their advantages/disadvantages.

| 3 months ago

The Dahl Concept

The Dahl concept, while rarely used in the U.S., is an alternative method for planning changes in occlusion. Dr. Frank Spear explains how he utilized it...

| 5 months ago

Demystifying Manipulation for Obtaining Centric Relation

This article will help you understand how and why to use the manipulation technique to obtain centric relation.

| 7 months ago

Link Between Medications and Bruxism?

Studies show that there is evidence to support the theory that using SSRI medications can lead to sleep bruxism.

| 8 months ago

What Causes Sleep Bruxism?

Bruxism has long been an actively discussed topic in dentistry, but the observations and definitions created for dentistry may not be adequate for diagnosing...

| 8 months ago

How to Fix a Deep Overbite in Wear Patients

Learn how to determine the best method of correcting deep overbite in wear patients.

| 9 months ago

Centric Relation To Maximum Intercuspation Slide Part 1

Dr. Puneet Sandhu discusses methods for determining slide from central relation to maximum intercuspation and what that says about overall system health.

| 9 months ago

Occlusal (Bite) Disease

Among all oral diseases, occlusal disease is one of the least frequently discussed. Find out how to recognize it and why it matters.

| 10 months ago

Airway Prosthodontics: Taking Dentistry Beyond Sleep Apnea and Advancement Appliances

Sleep dentistry asks 'how,' while airway prosthodontics asks 'why.' Learn why this difference is important and how understanding it can help you better treat patients.

| 10 months ago