Frank leads the audience through thought processes behind a retrospective journey of dental techniques and materials.



Commenter's Profile Image George Duello
November 28th, 2009
Dear Frank, I am enjoying your series on Creating a Presentation and especially enjoyed the 6 presentation in the series. You time line concept is very interesting. As a single degreed specialist, I have witnessed a evolution since 1979 as a periodontist who was traditional trained to retain teeth at all costs to one who now daily faces the clinical dilemma of keeping teeth vs implants. This is also my timeline and my reality. You spoke about confusion in the segment and I believe that periodontics and implant dentistry is sorting this out today. The last time I was honored to speak with you on a stage in Hawaii, this confusion was present in a case debated on stage. At the time and based on this presentation, I now realize that maybe I was "an early adopter implantologist" as opposed to an 'old school periodontist". From a historical perspective, I wish for that presentation I could have showed my periodontal skills in maintaining many of the natural dentitions that I have been treating for over 30 years. However that wasn't necessarily the purpose I was given nor would have made the impact or controversy that I felt took place after that presentation. It made good theater but clearly stimulated Dr. Kokich and you in a manner I didn't expect nor was I ready for after the presentation. In my clinical practice, I am greatly influenced my many of my mentors just as Lloyd Miller obviously influenced you. The segments 1-6 are a wonderful tribute to Dr. Miller and I sense the professional and personal bond you had with him. I look forward to the last 2 segments. Thank you for the presentation. George Duello