I learned the neatest trick at a recent live patient Posterior Partial Coverage Bonded Restorations course. As part of the program we discuss techniques for bonding and cementation, including different procedures for tack curing resin and cleaning the excess. During the course of discussing different methods to clean uncured resin prior to the final cure, one of the participants shared a technique from his office, using a rubber tip stimulator. The rubber tip is moved across the margin/tooth interface laterally drawing out the unfilled resin. Periodically the tip is wiped off with a slightly damp 2x2 moistened with rubbing alcohol. The tip can also clean the unfilled resin from the interproximal embrasures. The rubber tip is kind on the tissue and doesn’t initiate hemorrhage. Once all of the excess has been cleaned, you can apply your glycerin and complete a final cure. We all thought this was such a great idea that when seating restorations the next morning, out came the rubber tip stimulators. They work like a charm! From now on we will have them available in the tray set-up for these programs, and I will have one out when I am delivering final restorations in our faculty practice.