Virtual Spear Summit 2020

This year's Spear Summit virtual format and enhanced interactive online platform allows you to experience the camaraderie of the annual event from the comfort of home.

The first day of the event, scheduled over three separate Saturdays into October, provided attendees with an introduction to the new online format that awards points for chat participation.

As anyone who has attended a professional conference or annual event like Summit would likely attest – it can be difficult to connect with a popular presenter, or to have an important question answered. The Virtual Summit interface provides added opportunity for both.

With Day 1 in the books, here's more on the innovative clinicians and dental thought-leaders presenting over the next two days of Summit on Sept. 12 and Oct. 10. Visit the Summit page for agendas and full details on programming.

Summit access is provided to members of Spear Faculty Club, Spear Masters Program, and Spear Practice Solutions, in addition to leaders of Spear Study Clubs. Members can contact their Customer Success Manager to register.

Sept. 12 – 'Leading the Practice Through Chaos'

Day 2 of Summit carries a practice management focus and is driven by the experts behind Spear Practice Solutions.

Attendees will explore the topics and strategies needed to understand options to navigate an uncertain economic future.

The day includes several breakout sessions with Resident Faculty and is punctuated by 2020 Summit keynote speaker Carly Fiorina whose presentation titled “Unlocking Potential: Leaders Exist Everywhere” addresses how to utilize the people around you, including your team, to impact change within your practice and communities.

Oct. 10 – Clinical presentations and live Dr. Kinzer procedure

Day 3 includes more breakout sessions with Resident Faculty and is capped by a live procedure by Dr. Gregg Kinzer, who will provide attendees with an up-close, interactive demonstration that promotes engagement during sessions.

Attendees can follow the process from initial treatment planning to tooth preparation, impressions and provisionals. Dr. Kinzer will share some of the clinical tips and tricks he uses clinically to provide predictable esthetic restorations.

In her return to Summit, guest speaker Dr. Audrey Yoon will present “The Role of Orthodontic Intervention in OSA: Functional and Physiological Approach of Orofacial Structure Restoration.”

Guest speaker Dr. Stanley Liu will present “Sleep Surgery: Restoring Missed Milestones in Airway Development.”