Dr. Al Abdelnour

Dr. Al Abdelnour had an accident in college that required extensive dental work.

His time in a dental office motivated him to change his pre-med major and earn a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry.

After opening a private practice, working with a dental consultant for 10 years and absorbing two additional practices, Dr. Abdelnour wanted to see what Spear Practice Solutions could offer his team.

“I knew Practice Solutions had more potential than my current consultant because of the staff training and the on-campus team workshops,” said Dr. Abdelnour, who practices in Livonia, Michigan. “I've always seen my employees as assets and these growth opportunities from Spear are just another way I can invest in them.”

Once Dr. Abdelnour joined Practice Solutions, the office began hosting daily huddles, meaningful weekly meetings and monthly strategic discussions. The pre-planned meeting agendas helped hold the team accountable.

He also implemented a bonus system, in which each team member could benefit from production growth.

Dr. Abdelnour appreciates his consultant's experience and enjoys getting her opinion. She helps him follow through with new initiatives and keeps the team informed.

Using the Practice Solutions analytics platform, Dr. Abdelnour's team now checks their goals daily to stay motivated. Team members routinely come to him with ideas for improving efficiency, increasing case acceptance and more.

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The office has seen improvements in several areas during its second year with Practice Solutions. The average new patient treatment plan has grown from $1,649 to $2,836. Receivables collected grew from 95% to 100% and the office is on track to increase production by 7%.

Dr. Abdelnour learned the principles of running a business early, exposed to family businesses in his childhood. He understood how to control overhead and that his team was a key asset. He applied these principles to his practice and experienced consistent, sustainable growth without advertising.

He recommends Practice Solutions to his fellow general practitioners, especially for those who don't have the same life-long business experience.

While the practice has almost reached its capacity with a full-time associate and two part-time general practitioners, Dr. Abdelnour is still expecting the value of the practice to increase through optimizing efficiencies and refining processes further.

Now Dr. Abdelnour is looking forward to comfortably cutting back his hours in a few years after his son graduates from dental school and joins the practice as an associate.