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Did you miss out on the latest Spear webinars, or just want to share them with your colleagues? Watch 11 new recorded webinars that feature educational topics ranging from patient communication to innovations in periodontics and surgical options for terminal dentition.

With Spear Online webinars, clinicians can learn at their own pace – anywhere, anytime. View the recordings at your leisure or share them with your team and colleagues as you'd like.

The latest Spear webinars include:

A Surgical Option for the Terminal Dentition

Presenter: Mark Sutor, D.D.S.

Delivering immediate hybrid dentures can be time consuming, stressful and expensive. In this webinar, Dr. Mark Sutor explains how to make “teeth in a day” more predictable using a reliable surgical/prosthetic system.

Find out how to achieve a more efficient process so patients receive optimal results in less time.

Fundamentals of Patient Communication

Presenter: Adam McWethy, Spear VP of Content Strategy

Fear and anxiety are common for so many patients, especially those faced with treatment options for a complex case. In this webinar Adam McWethy addresses communication theories to help guide the “why” behind chairside discussions.

Walk away with a clear sense of how to apply the Spear Online Patient Education platform and tablet app into your practice workflow to help patients clearly visualize their conditions and confidently accept treatment.

Innovations in Periodontics: Saving Teeth for Health, Function & Esthetics

Presenter: E. Todd Scheyer, D.D.S., M.S.

Even if a patient's teeth are compromised, it may be better to treat and maintain them by identifying and managing risk factors. In this webinar, Dr. E. Todd Scheyer discusses hard and soft tissue augmentation/regeneration to enhance dental implant reconstruction through tissue engineering and minimally invasive methods.

Emphasis is placed on the value of periodontal procedures to save natural dentition, the need for evidence-based outcomes and innovations in periodontal therapy.

Keys to Effective Patient Communication

Presenters: Frank Spear, D.D.S., M.S.D., and Adam McWethy

As a clinician, patient communication can be one of the hardest things to master. It takes an intentional approach to effectively present and discuss different treatment options with patients to ensure they are engaged in the process and understand the risks and benefits.

In this webinar, Dr. Frank Spear and Adam McWethy focus on social science research and phrasing to use with patients to effectively create understanding. Hear results from Spear's Yelp reviews and Patient Education research, learn how people make decisions, and explore how to have a successful co-diagnostic conversation.

Lobby Videos: Top 3 Strategies to Increase Case Acceptance

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Presenter: Adam McWethy

Case acceptance begins before the patient is even in the chair. In this webinar, Adam McWethy discusses the social science behind patient engagement, motivation and decision making.

Learn how to prep a patient for a successful co-diagnostic conversation integrating Patient Education videos in your lobby and in chairside case presentations. Stream content effortlessly to your practice monitors using Fire TV Stick or Apple TV so your patients are better prepared for their time in the operatory.

New Patients in Your Dental Practice

Presenters: Amy Morgan, Spear VP of Consulting Strategy, and Gary DeWood, D.D.S., M.S.

New patients are the lifeblood of every practice, but how you design their experience sets the tone and the protocols for every patient experience that follows. What do you believe about new patients? What does your team believe about new patients? What are you communicating to your new patients?

In this webinar, Amy Morgan and Dr. Gary DeWood focus on the questions that must be answered to send a unified message to every new patient.

The Impact of Consistent Patient Follow-Up

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Presenter: Adam McWethy

Effective follow-up comes down to patient expectations, so setting expectations ahead of time is key. In this webinar, Adam McWethy covers the importance of consistent, systematic follow-up with patients  and how it not only increases retention, but also patient satisfaction.

Learn how to set up a framework for effective follow-up, how to reset patient expectations and how to utilize tools like the Patient Education platform to facilitate success.

The Integration of Minimally Invasive Concepts into Complex Treatment Plans

Presenters: Frank Spear, D.D.S., M.S.D., and Dave Mathews, D.D.S.

Managing gingival margin and papilla levels is challenging any time anterior teeth are removed. An obvious solution is to not remove the teeth, using them instead to maintain gingiva and bone. So, is removal necessary to provide an esthetically excellent and predictable restoration?

In this webinar, Drs. Frank Spear and Dave Mathews discuss common problems that occur when teeth are removed. Get insight into apical root resorption, horizontal crown/root fractures, ankylosis and periodontal disease, and examine long-term cases and science literature for treatment options.

Recognize that using tooth removal as a solution to cure one problem may ultimately create a whole new set of problems to manage.

The Strategic Leader

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Presenters: Gary DeWood, D.D.S., M.S., and Amy Morgan

Maintaining a successful private dental practice has never been more demanding or more stressful. Patient care, efficiency, productivity and profitability management make being in the dental business much more than doing exceptional dentistry.

In this webinar, Dr. Gary DeWood and Amy Morgan discuss what it means to be a strategic leader and how to manage growth. Learn how to make it all about patients while you monitor and respond to metrics. Discover how to lead your team and yourself to the vision of your preferred future. That kind of leadership inspires change and creates culture.

The Things I've Learned the Hard Way

Presenter: Lou Berman, D.D.S., F.A.C.D.

Understanding standard of care in endodontic treatment is important but knowing how to manage mishaps is paramount. In this webinar, Dr. Lou Berman shares his clinical and practice management experiences in hopes of preventing others from making critical mistakes.

Learn about the challenges of prognosis assessment and how to avoid causing inferior alveolar nerve damage. Get insight on scheduling templates, managing patient flow and coordinating efficient patient treatment.

What Does Success Look Like? Setting Goals and Measuring Success

Presenters: Mitchell Ellingson, D.D.S., and Amy Morgan

Make sure your path to success doesn't have potholes. In this webinar, Dr. Mitchell Ellingson and Amy Morgan reveal secrets to goal-setting and coaching to measure and expand success in those you lead.

Learn how to make weekly team meetings meaningful, performance reviews inspiring and proactive planning successful. Plus, get a peek at Spear Practice Solutions and discover how the technology enabled consulting platform helps a practice reach its full potential.