Dr. Mitrani teaching four students

Are your weekly team meetings purposeful and efficient?

In three new Spear Online team meetings from Dr. Ricardo Mitrani, doctors and their teams can follow simple steps to develop more consistent messaging that encourages stronger patient engagement.

How to Jump-Start Patient Education Videos

The Patient Education chairside tablet app and streaming lobby videos available on Spear Online help patients visualize their conditions and the potential consequences of inaction. The research-driven, animated videos are proven to increase case acceptance and make complex clinical issues easy for anyone to understand.

In this team meeting, Dr. Mitrani highlights how your team can use Patient Education videos to create a more personalized chairside experience that helps patients grasp their treatment options.

Learning objectives for this team meeting:

  • Explain the challenges of verbal communication
  • Identify the importance and added value of utilizing Spear’s Patient Education platform
  • Employ an easy method for utilizing Patient Education resources as part of communication protocols

Using Personas to Optimize a Patient's Journey

Do you know the demographics of your practice? This team meeting highlights a common marketing strategy used to classify and assign personas to key patient segments. Personas help tailor the dental experience for a specific type of patient.

In this team meeting, Dr. Mitrani discusses the essential elements needed to identify common personas and how to customize the patient experience.

Learning objectives for this team meeting:

  • Explain the marketing concept of personas
  • Identify common patient personas
  • Improve scheduling and overall chair time flow

Characteristics of Ideal Team Players

This team meeting highlights a simple method for evaluating each member of the practice as an ideal team player. Dr. Mitrani showcases an easy and non-biased assessment to understand the traits each practice member should exemplify for team success.

Learning objectives for this team meeting:

  • Describe the five dysfunctions of a team
  • Relate the importance of an ideal team
  • Identify if a member is an ideal team player
  • Recognize potential room for improvement