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Crystalizing common dental terms and procedures can be as simple as turning on your lobby TV.

The Spear Online Patient Education platform includes a library of condition overview videos that are ideal for easy lobby streaming via Apple TV and Fire TV Stick.

The two new Patient Education lobby videos explain x-rays and deep cleaning in terms that are easy for patients to understand.

Members of Spear Online can create custom lobby playlists from selections available by visiting the Patient Education page and selecting the “Lobby” tab. Videos are also ideal for chairside case presentations and to forward to patients to review at their leisure.

Why are X-Rays Important?

This new lobby video reviews the types of x-rays used on adults and the importance of radiographs as a diagnostic tool. It highlights:

  • Why x-rays are important in diagnosing a patient's oral health needs
  • The types of radiographs used in a dental practice and for what reasons
  • The steps taken to prevent unnecessary exposure of the patient to low radiation

Deep Cleaning

This lobby video showcases the seriousness of gum disease and how it can be treated with deep cleaning procedures. Patients will learn that deep cleaning is a treatment option for gum disease. It highlights:

  • The definition of periodontal disease
  • The consequence of not treating gum disease symptoms appropriately
  • The types of deep cleaning procedures that can be used to treat gum disease

[NEW PRE-OP VIDEOS: The Patient Education platform also includes eight new pre-op videos that help patients understand what to expect from their referral visit to the specialist.]