General anesthesia is a safe way to stay asleep and pain free during dental procedures that would: be too painful, take a long time, affect your ability to breathe, make you uncomfortable, cause too much anxiety.

With dental-related anxiety so prevalent today, being able to calm your patients before treatment gives them the confidence they may not be accustomed to experiencing.

Patient Education preoperative videos are designed to help. The eight new videos available on Spear Online highlight what a patient can expect in their referral to a specialist for common dental procedures like general anesthesia, orthodontics and implants – giving them clear visual explanations of how to prepare for their time in the operatory.

The animated videos can be shown chairside on a tablet and easily emailed or text-messaged to patients, so they have instructions accessible on their mobile device. Or, you can print custom handouts for them to take home.

Find the new video resources by selecting the “Pre-Op” search filter on the “Chairside” tab of the Patient Education page. They are among nearly 200 videos that include overviews of conditions, procedures, home care tips, and post-op instructions.

Included with membership to Spear Online, Patient Education videos empower patients to clearly visualize their conditions and feel like more active participants in the clinical process, which enables you and your team to reduce friction from chairside discussions.

Patient Education lobby videos can be streamed to practice TVs via Apple TV and Fire TV Stick. A new customization feature allows you to create your own lobby video playlists with your own practice information and branding. Spanish-language closed captioning is also available.

The eight new Patient Education videos include:


This video highlights what’s involved in a typical first visit with a specialist for a dental implant.


Show patients what to expect the day they get traditional braces.

General Anesthesia (IV Sedation)

Provide an overview of the use of IV sedation, including what a patient can expect before, during and after a procedure with general anesthesia.

General Anesthesia for Women & Children (IV Sedation)

This video describes the use of IV sedation for pregnant women and children.

Dental Surgery

Show this video to patients for an overview of dental surgery, the kinds of anesthesia used and general pre-op information for undergoing a surgical procedure.

Dental Surgery for Women & Children

This video summarizes dental surgery and general pre-op information and instructions for women and children.

Local Anesthesia & Sedatives

Show patients what to expect before, during and after using local anesthesia and/or oral sedatives.

Local Anesthesia & Sedatives for Women & Children

This video provides an overview of local anesthesia and/or oral sedatives for both pregnant women and children .