How can dental professionals become more efficient and impactful leaders for the sake of their team, their patients and their practice? What’s the key to building stronger teams and creating a streamlined vision for growth in the practice?


Amy Morgan and Dr. Frank Spear addressed these questions and many more in their interview with the Dental Guys during September’s Spear Summit. They discussed building a leadership philosophy and style based on core values and how to empower team members using those values.

Any dental professional - from the recent grad on the cusp of buying a new practice to the seasoned practice owner to the motivated dental assistant - can benefit from giving the episode a listen.

Morgan, a renowned Pride Institute practice management consultant and Spear’s newest Resident Faculty member, highlighted many perspectives on not only becoming a better leader, but becoming a better follower and learner.

“There is an art and science to being great followers...” she told Dental Guys’ Drs. Wes Mullins and Jon Rogers. “Look at your team as your talent rather than just your team.”

A leader who believes in the power of their core values will inspire a team who reflects those values, and Morgan said a major key to ensuring this is seeking people during the interview process who “have their own personal energy and want to link that energy to yours.”

She added that leadership is a building block upon which culture is built, and that culture is what draws potential employees to a practice. Dr. Spear also offered his tried-and-true take on the foundational nature of leadership.

“We have the opportunity to impact people who don’t understand that a successful business has a structure to it, and that structure starts with leadership and has management and gets to a technical level,” he explained. “The beginning point is to make them aware of what they’re not aware of.”

Morgan and Dr. Spear have been thought leaders in dental practice management for years, and this is one interview you definitely don’t want to miss. You can listen to the interview in full on iTunes or, or watch the interview on YouTube.

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