Spear has released a new Study Club module designed to walk interdisciplinary teams through a streamlined process for diagnosing and treating root fractures.

root fracture interdisciplinary care

In "Root Fractures - An Interdisciplinary Approach," Dr. Lou Berman discusses the various clinical and radiographic presentations of root fractures, how the diagnosis is made, the prognosis assessment of teeth having or suspected of having root fractures, and how the root fractures can be managed. 

After completing this module, Study Club members will understand:

  • How to better diagnose the presence of root fractures
  • How to determine the prognosis of a tooth with a root fracture
  • How to manage root fractures and potential treatment with an interdisciplinary team approach

Endodontist Study Club members are an extra valuable resource for this module, as they can share their expertise to help the team learn signs and symptoms of root fractures.