In its July 2018 issue, Dental Product Shopper named Spear Study Club a “Best Product.”

Spear Study Club
A Spear Study Club module kit. (*Articulators are not included.)

Dental Product Shopper scores are based on the evaluations of dental professionals who have used a product or service for at least four weeks. In this case of Spear Study Club, evaluators gave it an overall score of 4.7 out of 5.

Evaluators scored areas such as the overall content of the study club meetings; the ability to apply what they learned into their practice; support from Member Success Advisors; and more.

“I really appreciate how Spear approaches their teaching with layered learning, as it really works well for me,” said Dr. Benjamin DeGraff in an interview with Dental Product Shopper.

“That’s really the crux of what we do at Spear – layered learning,” said Dr. Martin Mendelson, Spear’s executive vice president of client services. “Spear Study Clubs start with simpler cases, reviewing them in the video modules and treatment planning them together. They can then build on what they’ve learned with more and more complex cases.”

Dentists who rated Spear Study Club also praised the interdisciplinary approach. The study clubs quite often are hosted by specialists and all have specialist members. This allows the study club members to learn how to better communicate their part of a treatment plan so that each person understands what is being and needs to be done. As Dr. Tom Janaway pointed out, it was through his study club that he learned more complex procedures and how to communicate difficult cases to his lab with photos.

Besides meeting up to eight times per year, Spear Study Clubs get to attend one Spear Seminar per year, as well as access to Spear Online's suite of video courses, patient education resources, and more. To learn more about Spear Study Club, click here.

Dental Product Shopper has been providing peer-to-peer product evaluations to the dental community for 10 years. You can read the full review article here.