Spear Education is honored to announce that Dental Product Shopper named Spear Online "Best Product" in its May 2017 issue.

spear online patient education user

DPS gave our online education platform a near-perfect rating of 4.8 out of 5 for “providing top-notch learning at a time and place that’s convenient for the clinician.”

Among the specific features of Spear Online that contributed to our stellar evaluation were our convenience, staff training resources and clinical content on occlusion, wear, treatment planning and restorative dentistry.

“Huge congratulations to the entire Spear Online team for this recognition,” said Dr. Darin Dichter, Spear resident faculty member. “Our highest priority has always been customer satisfaction and success, and this stellar review once again confirms that Spear Online is the go-to platform for online continuing dental education.”

According to the article, our Patient Education programs have also been particularly well-received, and have had an overwhelmingly positive impact on users like Dr. Mariam Susanne Fallahzadeh, who felt our patient education platform was “like magic.”

Dentists who use Spear Online also lauded it for the impact it has had on the overall development of their practice and professional life.

We design our platform in a way that allows dentists to expand the profitability and health of their practice through top-of-the-line CE materials that they can access whenever and wherever they want. This review makes us confident that our goal for Spear Online is being accomplished. Most importantly, it shows that the dental professionals who use it are reaping the benefits in a way that allows them to enjoy not only higher profitability, but more fulfilling professional lives.

Dental Product Shopper has been providing peer-to-peer product evaluations to the dental community for 10 years. You can read the full review article here