Spear's Patient Education resource

During the Spear Annual Summit on Sept. 25, Spear announced the newest resource on our online platform: Spear Patient Education.

Spear’s platform differentiated itself from others in the patient education space by exhaustively researching the methods of patient education that led to the highest rates of treatment acceptance before creating the online video resources. And the conclusion speaks for itself: 91 percent of patients who saw a video during case presentation said that it positively influenced their decision to accept treatment.

In an effort to develop the best patient education resource possible, Spear began researching the project in January 2015. The company worked with thinktank, a research and strategy consultant, to survey 500 adults 25 and older. Using this initial input, Spear’s faculty and team of 3D animators worked together to create a series of animations that were clinically accurate and easily understandable.

As the development process progressed, Spear also showed their animations to focus groups of both patients and dentists. The focus groups allowed Spear to optimize their videos for everyone on both sides of the chair.

 “I am truly excited to see Spear patient education improve patient-client interaction,” said Spear’s founder, Frank Spear. “We have created a continuously expanding patient education library that sets a new standard in detail, variety and clinical accuracy. What we’ve done is created something that will impact dentists and patients every day.”

The Patient Education team aimed to keep the videos between 30 and 60 seconds while ensuring the narrations presented the material in layman’s without becoming condescending. They also optimized the content for a variety of platforms, from desktops to tablets to mobile devices. That optimization plays into the various delivery options as well. Dentists can show the animations to their patients chairside, send them a link via email or even embed them on their own websites.

Spear Patient Education resources are currently available to members with access to Spear Online. If you’re not already a member, you may sign up for a free seven-day guest pass to check out all that Spear Online has to offer. If you’d like to become a member now, you can sign up right here. You can also call us toll-free at 855-625-2333 or send an email to online@speareducation.com


Commenter's Profile Image Dr. George C.
October 4th, 2015
I think these patient education videos are perfect in time and explanation. I would like to see some live photos of real damage, and consequences of non treatment in maybe still photos we can show the patients as well. The animated videos are great in explaining and look great. However, real photos of cracked or broken down teeth add more value to the patients. Keep up the great work, I am very pleased with what Spear is doing and the direction it is going...
Commenter's Profile Image Benjamin R.
October 5th, 2015
George, we have photos like that in Case Assistant: http://www.speareducation.com/case-assistant. Just pick a symptom you can find the photos you need in the slideshow. I hope this helps!