Spear has released a new Study Club module on interdisciplinary management and treatment of dental erosion. 

interdisciplinary management of erosion

In "Interdisciplinary Treatment of Dental Erosion," Dr. Ricardo Mitrani explains treatment planning for patients who have intrinsic erosion and how to discuss this challenging topic with patients.

Dental erosion is a chronic condition defined as irreversible wear of the dental substrate originated by acids which can be intrinsic and extrinsic. While clinicians typically consider dental caries and periodontal disease as the two most common endemic oral conditions, dental erosion cannot be overlooked. Its prevalence is staggering and truly represents a dental health problem in today's world.

After working through this course, Study Club members will be able to:

  • Understand the prevalence and significance of this dental erosion
  • Know how to communicate erosion to the patients
  • Know how to restore a dentition with erosive lesions