Spear has released a new pathway designed to help dentists increase case acceptance in their practice.

case acceptance in the dental practice

Case Acceptance in the Modern Dental Practice is moderated by Dr. Frank Spear and is being released as a supplement to his debut book of the same name. 

In this pathway, Dr. Spear explains best practices for helping patients fully see and understand their diagnosis and treatment options without overwhelming them. He helps dentists understand how to optimize case presentation, communicate the value of treatment and enable patients to fully comprehend what's going on in their mouths. 

After watching this pathway, viewers will understand:

  • Why traditional case presentation approaches tend to create less than optimal results
  • A system for presenting cases that helps to overcome these issues
  • A model the office can use for helping to determine which patients will take more time and effort to help them understand the value of dentistry
  • The research that backs this model

Spear Online members can now download their own digital copy of the book, which  clearly outlines a number of scenarios to help dentists break down barriers through effectively communicating the value of dentistry with each patient.