Spear released two new Study Club modules for dental specialists and restorative dentists.

endodontic study club module

In “Diagnosing and Treatment Planning Endodontic Resorption,” Dr. Gregg Kinzer reviews the pathology of resorption, as well as how to identify the six different types of resorptive lesions radiographically. He then reviews the treatment options and prognosis for each type of lesion. While infrequently encountered in most restorative practices, it is important for clinicians to not only be able to recognize resorptive lesions, but to correctly diagnose the type of lesion when treatment planning and referring to an endodontist for care.

Through this module, Study Club members will:

  • Identify types of resorption
  • Discuss treatment options and treatment prognosis
  • Facilitate a discussion for the non-endodontists to allow a common thought process with regard to communication and management of endodontic resorption
phasing treatment study club module

In “Treatment Planning and Phasing a Comprehensive Case,” Kinzer returns to discuss two different case examples that demonstrate how comprehensive treatment can be phased. He reviews the clinical considerations that need to be made when phasing a case, and the factors that can have a negative effect on phasing. Additionally, he outlines a four-step approach that can be applied to the treatment phasing thought process in a variety of cases.

Through this module, Study Club members will learn:

  • How to phase large treatment plans
  • How to charge when phasing treatment
  • Which factors have a negative effect on phasing

Members of Spear Study Club will be eligible for three continuing education credit hours for each module they complete.