Best dental CE articles 2015We had a busy 2015 at Spear Digest. Between instructing courses and practicing dentistry, our faculty took the time to share their knowledge in daily articles, while our contributing authors also took time out of their practices to write about their unique cases and approaches.

As the editor of Spear Digest, I would like to thank our prolific authors for their dedication in crafting articles that not only inform, but help dentists grow as professionals. More importantly, though, I’d like to thank you, our loyal readers. Your comments, suggestions and social sharing allow us to see what’s working and what isn’t so that we can continue to provide quality dental continuing education articles. May you all have a wonderful 2016.

As is our annual tradition, we proudly present our Top 10 Spear Digest Articles of 2015. These articles were selected by you; they are the most shared articles from this year.

1. Muscle Deprogramming: A Source of Confusion
​By Frank Spear
​Dr. Frank Spear discusses muscle deprogramming, which is simple in concept but may be confusing in execution. Click here to read more >>

2. A Story of a Life Well-Lived in Dentistry
​By Imtiaz Manji
This dentist continues to find ways to improve himself and his practice - and he's 85 years old. Are you keeping up? Click here to read more >>>

3. Steps for Fabrication of an Implant-Supported Prosthesis
​By Bob Winter
​Dr. Bob Winter breaks down each step of the fabrication of an implant-supported prosthesis. Click here to read more >>

4. Implant Dilemma: What's Going on with Open Contacts?
​By Greggory Kinzer
​Dr. Greggory Kinzer discusses a study on implant open contacts and the importance of patient monitoring. Click here to read more >>

5. I'll Keep That Case, Thank You!
​By Steve Ratcliff
​Dr. Steve Ratcliff discusses three questions every practitioner needs to consider before keeping a case or referring the case to a specialist. Click here to read more >>>

6. Dentistry and Core Values
​By Kevin Kwiecien​
​Does every dentist have the same core values? What values are truly important? Dr. Kevin Kwiecien looks into what makes a core value and how they can benefit you. Click here to read more >>>

7. Take It Off
​By Gary DeWood
​Dr. Gary DeWood discusses the removal of tooth structure when designing restorations. Click here to read more >>>

8. I Won't Do Ortho
​By Donna Stenberg
​Dr. Donna Stenberg discuss the hesitation of patients to have orthodontic work done and how dentists can explain the value to their patients. Click here to read more >>>

9. Periodontal Disease: Is It Just Bacteria vs. Host, Host vs. Bacteria or ...
​By Jeff Lineberry
​Dr. Jeff Lineberry takes a look at underlying causes of periodontal disease. Click here to read more >>>

10. OK, Maybe I DO Grind My Teeth
​By Darin Dichter
​In a follow-up to "I Don't Grind My Teeth," Dr. Darin Dichter elaborates on what he learned by evaluating the patient's muscles, joints and parafunctional movement patterns. Click here to read more >>>