Have you been keeping up with the informative articles on Spear Digest? We kicked off the summer with some posts that have gotten a lot of buzz. Take a look in case you missed them!


5. Dentistry's Battle With the Inferior Alveolar Nerve by Dr. Kevin Kwiecien. 

Many dentists struggle with the inferior alveolar nerve block and the mandibular nerve block. In this article, Dr. Kwiecien discusses the challenge these blocks can pose and uses the current literature to offer suggestions regarding chemistry, anatomy and technique. If you find these blocks frustrating, then you will greatly benefit from this article. 


4. What Do Teeth and Hollywood Actors Have in Common? by Dr. Arezoo Bahar

Teeth, like people, come in all shapes and sizes. In this article, Dr. Bahar compares teeth proportion to Hollywood actors: Danny Devito  a little short and too round. Kramer - a little too long and too thin. George Clooney - almost perfectly proportioned. What's your tooth proportion?


3. Biologic Width Part X -  Managing Facial and Interproximal Biologic Width Violations on Multiple Adjacent Teeth by Dr. Frank Spear

The final chapter of Dr. Spear's Biologic Width series discusses biologic width violations on multiple adjacent teeth and the challenges to treatment. Dr. Spear uses clinical images to show that a successful solution for these cases is to address the biologic width problem first, through osseous surgery. 


2. Polishing Provisional Restorations by Dr. Gregg Kinzer

In this article, Dr. Kinzer addresses a common question he is frequently asked: "What material do you use to fabricate your provisional restorations? There are may different provisional materials that can be used, and Dr. Kinzer describes what works best for him, 


1. When Should I Worry About a Jaw Click? by Dr. Steve Ratcliff

Many people will experience a jaw click at some point in their lives. However, not every click is cause for concern. In this article, Dr. Ratcliff poses three questions that should be asked in order to know if it is safe to do a routine restorative procedure.