Tooth-Proportion You may think that an odd question. But when I sit down and talk to my patients about teeth proportion, I mention that teeth remind me of men and in particular some famous actors - all great in their own way but with certain characteristics. At that point I have their attention…after all I am talking about the opposite sex and that always raises an eyebrow in the dental chair.

I tell them that I see teeth either as Danny Devito - a little short and too round, or Kramer - a little too long and too thin, or George Clooney - almost perfectly proportioned. Of course I am trying to discuss with them their teeth proportion and height to width ratio. But they so easily get that analogy and when I put up their photos they are already categorizing their own teeth and they all want the Clooney look. Unless they are girls and all want to look like Angelina Jolie?

But joking aside, it does allow me to have a discussion about gingival margin positions and tooth widths. It is all done in good faith, so that the patient can relate to the concept of width to length ratio, and it always amazes me when I see them nod their head as they begin to think of their own teeth.

So what actor does your teeth most relate to?

Arezoo Bahar, DDS, Visiting Faculty and Contributing Author  


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Commenter's Profile Image Lena
May 18th, 2015
The symmetry of the face, a smile. The form of the face, teeth.
Commenter's Profile Image Arshad M.
June 27th, 2015
Good job Arezoo, simple and easy presentation!!!!