provisionalsAt the 2014 Spear Summit, a dentist asked me what was the most predictable, easy and accurate way to make provisionals for single units or 3-4 unit bridges before prepping the teeth.

I explained that after years of trying all kinds of materials and techniques for provisionals, I have finally settled into using a triple tray to capture the occlusal relationships with a clear bite material (I use DenMat).

This technique for provisionals is so easy my assistants complete it before I even enter the treatment room.

It’s syringed on the tray, the tray is easily seated (they just check the bite relationship before and right after seating it). It sets in 90 seconds and is very accurate replicating detail. It can be easily trimmed if necessary, and when the provisional material is placed in it, you can easily see where to seat it so that you aren’t off a half a tooth once you remove it, which could make starting over necessary.

If the provisionals are loosened or cracked, the remake is something your assistant can do by just reseating the triple tray with the materials for the provisionals. Start to finish, this technique for provisionals takes about 10 minutes with minimal post-fabrication adjustment. I keep the triple tray index in a case pan just in case I have to reference it before I go to finish.

Sometimes you can get triple tray and bite registration samples from your dental supply distributors; if you have some, give this technique a try and I suspect you will settle into doing this as routinely as I have.

Mary Anne Salcetti, D.D.S., Spear Visiting Faculty and Contributing Author


Commenter's Profile Image Andrew Cohen
September 10th, 2014
Awesome Mary Anne I have been doing this exact technique with Jet Bite ( yellow) for years. Works fantastic with multiple onlays as well using a shrink fit or cement technique in conjunction with Luxatemp. Since my bite is yellow I cut it back and remove my excess making seating easier. ANDY
Commenter's Profile Image Jill Hansen
September 11th, 2014
Great tip! Thank you. Do you find that using the clear registration materials makes it that much easier or could a colored opaque material be used as easily? Which clear registration material do you prefer?