Every week we publish clinical and practice management articles to help dentists expand their clinical skills and improve their practices. Topics range from worn dentition, occlusion, restorations, dental anesthesia, implants and more. Below are the five more from our 'Best of Summer' roundup – get caught up if you haven’t read them yet!

5. Are You Unintentionally Turning Away New Patients? by Imtiaz Manji.new patient

Imtiaz Manji discusses the importance of ensuring your front office breaks are staggered so that there is always phone coverage. Usually the first interaction with a new patient is through that first phone call, and if no one is there to answer, then you run the risk of that patient calling another dentist. 


4. Anterior e.max Restorations Design Considerations by Dr. Gregg Kinzere.max

In this article Dr. Kinzer discusses design of anterior e.max restorations and the individual patient needs and wants that will determine specific design considerations. 


3. The Challenge of Replacing Missing Central and Lateral Incisors by Dr. Frank Spearcentral and lateral incisors

Dr. Spear describes the challenges that are presented when replacing adjacent missing central and lateral incisors, espcially when trying to attain an ideal esthetic result. He presents a case through several images to demonstrate his techniques with this type restoration. 


2. Gummy Smiles and the Importance of a Correct Diagnosis by Dr. Arezoo Bahargummy smiles

In this article, Dr. Bahar describes a case of young adult with a gummy smile and how correctly diagnosing her was crucial to provide the best results for the patient. Dr. Bahar goes over seven things to consider with a gummy smile and how to use this as a guideline for treating gummy smiles. 


1. When I Should Have Said No! by Dr. Steve Ratcliffdentistry

Dr. Ratcliff acknowledges that there are sometimes cases in which it is better to say no to a specific treatment. He discusses a past case of his that he should have said no to a treatment, but went ahead and performed it anyway. He considers it a learning experience that all dentists learn at some point during their careers. 


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