Dr. Stanley Malamed is back with the third part of Spear’s dental anesthesia series. In the first course of this series, Understanding Dental Anesthesia, Dr. Malamed detailed the history and evolution of dental anesthesia. In the second course of this series, Mandibular Nerve Blocks, Part 1, Dr. Malamed provided an overview of mandibular anesthesia technique.

In the newest course of this series, Mandibular Nerve Blocks, Part 2, Dr. Malamed introduces alternatives to the Inferior Alveolar techniques. Many dentists struggle with the Mandibular Nerve Block and the Inferior Alveolar Nerve Block, and this series of courses is designed to address those difficulties and offer solutions. If you want to learn more about this topic, Dr. Kevin Kwiecien, part of the Resident Faculty at Spear, has written two articles about the challenges these nerve blocks create – The Infamous Mandibular Block and Dentistry’s Battle with the Inferior Alveolar Nerve.

After viewing this course, you will understand and appreciate the following techniques for delivering dental anesthesia:

  • Vazirani-Akinosi Mandibular Nerve Block
  • Periodontal Ligament Injection
  • Intraosseous Anesthesia
  • Intraseptal (Crestal) Anesthesia

Abigail Pfeiffer is the Editor for Spear Education.


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