Do you ever feel anxiety when you have to tell patients information they might not want to hear? Perhaps a patient came in for a simple cleaning, yet you notice that they need some extensive dental work. Do you tell them everything they need to have done? Or do you only tell them part of what is needed? Do scenarios like this cause you stress and fear about how to present this type of information to your patients? If so, Dr. Frank Spear’s latest course “Managing Fear When Presenting Findings to Your Patients” is a valuable resource for you and your team to provide the best possible care for your patients.

In this module, Dr. Spear discusses the common underlying causes of this anxiety and offers tips on managing patient expectations. Additionally, he teaches effective ways for case delivery that better prevents surprising and overwhelming your patient. This course includes two downloadable PDFs to help guide you and your team in these principles.

After viewing this course, you will:

  • Understand why not all new patients should have the same experience at their first visit
  • Learn why we tend to not share everything we see in a patient’s mouth at the first visit
  • Learn what scares most patients away

Abigail Pfeiffer is the Editor for Spear Education. 


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