Spear presents a course by Kim Miller, R.D.H., B.S.D.H. – “What’s the Difference?” This five lesson course is helpful for dental coding that can seem confusing and redundant. Kim Miller thoroughly explains the proper coding to use for common dental procedures that often are reported incorrectly. This course will help you determine the differences between Periodontal Therapy, Periodontal Maintenance and a Prophy and details what each procedure should include.

But that’s not all! Additionally, this course offers suggestions about explaining the difference in these procedures to patients and helping them understand what each procedure entails. Throughout each lesson, Kim Miller outlines common myths about each procedure and clearly dispels each myth. In addition to the video, there are two resources available for download that offer more insight into the diagnosis of periodontal disease and how periodontal treatment can reduce medical costs.

After viewing this lesson, you will be able to:

• Distinguish the clinical difference between Prophy (1110), Periodontal Maintenance (4910) and Periodontal Therapy (4341/4342)
• Understand the components of a comprehensive periodontal evaluation
• Learn key words and phrases to build value and experience

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Abigail Pfeiffer is the Editor for Spear Education.


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