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Interdisciplinary Management of Esthetic Dilemmas

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Occlusion Confusion?

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Asking Yourself the Right Questions about Technology

Buying new dental technology for your practice can be difficult - do you really need it? What is the return on the investment? Here are some questions...

| 8 hours ago

Diagnosing Dental Pain: The Phantom Menace

When diagnosing dental pain, it can be frustrating when initial tests don't reveal much if anything. One dentist shares how he solved one such case.

| 1 day ago

Spear Releases Patient Education Video on Removable Orthodontic Retainers

We released a new Patient Education video on removable orthodontic retainers. Learn more.

| 2 days ago

Restoring Discolored Endodontically Treated Teeth: Case 2

Dr. Frank Spear discusses how treated a patient who presented with discolored endodontically treated central incisors with existing veneers.

| 3 days ago

Defined Dental Benefit Plans: Why Insurance Does Not Exist

We look at the difference between defined dental benefit plans and dental insurance.

| 4 days ago

New Online Dental Team Meeting: Phasing Complex Treatment over Time

Learn how to better help patients who otherwise can't or won't accept dental treatment by phasing that treatment over time.

| 1 week ago

The ‘Customized’ Posterior Composite Matrix

Posterior Class II resin restorations can be difficult, but you can make it a little easier using this 6-step customized matrix technique.

| 1 week ago

Should Dentists Use Kovanaze Nasal Spray?

A review of Kovanaze, looking at the research on this new dental anesthesia as well as the side effects and best practices.

| 1 week ago

Composite Comparison: Venus Diamond vs. Sonicfill

We compare Venus Diamond to Sonicfill 2 in this first of our composite comparison...

| 2 weeks ago

My Time Travel Adventure: Chalkboard Thinking in an iPad World

During a recent class reunion, Imtiaz Manji reflected on how technology often moves faster than people.

| 2 weeks ago

Orthodontics is Focus of Two New Patient Education Videos

Use these orthodontics patient education videos to help your patients better understand traditional orthodontics procedures and palatal expanders.

| 2 weeks ago

New Dental Team Meeting Course: Treatment Planning Records

In our newest dental team meeting course, we show teams the best way to communicate with patients so that they are aware of any issues and what is needed...

| 2 weeks ago

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