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Providing an Ethical Second Opinion

What are best practices when it comes to managing patients who come to you looking for a 'second opinion?'

| 3 days ago

Spear Proudly Announces Launch of Spear Curriculum

Spear is excited to announce the launch of Spear Curriculum, a tool designed to streamline intra-office learning.

| 4 days ago

9 Tips For Running a Successful Dental Practice

When it comes to running the best dental practice in town, what small, yet critical steps can you take to get there?

| 4 days ago

Dentin Adhesives for Direct Posterior Composite

In this article, Dr. Frank Spear explains how to eliminate sensitivity after placing direct composites.

| 5 days ago

Diagnostic Wax-Up Fabrication: Pre-Restorative Treatment and Ortho

Dr. Bob Winter continues his diagnostic wax-up series with a discussion of fabrication before, after and during orthodontic treatment as well as pre-restorative...

| 6 days ago

Spear Releases Course On Efficient Diagnostic Wax-Ups

Spear has released a new course that highlights methods for ensuring the best possible diagnostic wax-ups for more efficient treatment planning.

| 1 week ago

Making 2018 Your Best Year Yet

Kick start your 2018 by setting achievable, measurable goals for your practice and ensuring you have all the right tools to get...

| 1 week ago

Immediate vs. Delayed Implant Loading

In this article, Dr. Jeff Bonk discusses considerations for deciding whether to immediately load an implant or delay placement.

| 1 week ago

How Hygienists Can Quickly Connect With Patients

How can dental hygienists make patients feel comfortable and welcome from the very beginning? Guest author Shelley Brown, R.D.H., B.S.D.H., offers some extremely simple tips.

| 1 week ago

A Paradigm Shift in Understanding Risk for Cancer in Dentistry

For the sake of the patient's overall health, dentists must understand risk factors for oral cancer and how to handle these difficult discussions with...

| 1 week ago

Dr. Frank Spear Publishes First Book to Help Dentists Boost Case Acceptance

Dr. Frank Spear has published his debut book, Case Acceptance in the Modern Dental Practice, in an effort to help dentists get more patients to say 'yes'...

| 2 weeks ago

Spear Releases New Pathway on Increasing Case Acceptance in the Dental Practice

Spear has released a new pathway moderated by Dr. Frank Spear, who explains key tips and considerations for increasing case acceptance in the dental practice.

| 2 weeks ago

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