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Case Study: Improve Case Acceptance


Treating the Terminal Dentition and the Fully Edentulous Patient

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Occlusion Confusion?

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‘Full Mouth Reconstruction’ Focus of New Spear Study Club Module

Learn more about full-mouth reconstruction with an interdisciplinary team in this Spear Study Club module.

| 2 days ago

Manage Challenging Dental Patients with the B-A-N-J-O

When challenging dental patients create an ethical quandry, dentists should use the acronym B-A-N-J-O to help them decide what to do.

| 3 days ago

New Dental Team Meeting Course: Talking to Existing Patients about Comprehensive Treatment

In this dental continuing education course, learn how to overcome the challenges of talking to patients about comprehensive treatment in just 5...

| 4 days ago

When Patients Can't Afford Dental Treatment

What are dentists to do when their patients can't afford dental treatment?

| 5 days ago

The Day I Quit Dentistry

Ever wanted to quit dentistry? You're not alone. But here's how to overcome the burn out and reignite your passion.

| 6 days ago

Why It’s Wrong to Look for the ‘Right’ Dental Team Members

Great dental teams don't just happen. Here's why dentists need to nurture their team members' natural abilities.

| 1 week ago

What’s the Story on Ceramic Implants?

All-ceramic one-piece implants may be a controversial development, but there is evidence to show they may be a useful option.

| 1 week ago

Dental Composite Comparison: Venus Diamond vs. Estelite Omega

In Part II of this dental composite comparison series, we compare Venus Diamond to Estelite Omega.

| 1 week ago

Why You Should be Using Glycerin on Your Composite Restorations

Dr. Gregg Kinzer discusses composite restorations and the use of glycerin to get a harder composite surface.

| 1 week ago

Gold, Ceramic and Composite: A Restorative Dental Material Discussion

What lasts longer? What's more esthetically pleasing? We look at restorative dental material options and what dentists should consider.

| 1 week ago

Spear Announces Release of New Dental Hands-on/Digital Curriculum

With the release of Excellence in Anterior Composite Restorations, Spear is kicking off its digital hands-on dental curriculum.

| 2 weeks ago

Triple-tray Impressions: How to Save Time and Improve Outcomes

Follow these eight guidelines, and you'll improve the outcomes of your triple-tray impressions.

| 2 weeks ago

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