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Re-cementation of a Lithium Disilicate Restoration

When an e.max restoration comes off of a prepared tooth, what's the cause and how should it be recemented?

| 3 days ago

What Do You Want to Know About Retirement?

Check out one dentist's perspective on retirement and why it's so important not to delay your planning.

| 4 days ago

When is Canine Substitution Appropriate?

This article outlines particular criteria that must be met when planning a canine substitution.

| 5 days ago

How Dentists Use Online Dental Continuing Education for Practice Growth

So you've committed to a CE regimen - now how do you take it to the next level and implement it into your practice to reap the results?

| 6 days ago

A Treatment Alternative for Retained Primary Molars

Learn how to treat retained primary molars in a way that will ensure long-term stability.

| 1 week ago

Spear Releases New Pathway On Breathing and Respiratory Science

Spear has released a new pathway covering various aspects of airway management, including dysfunctional breathing, interdisciplinary management of airway...

| 1 week ago

Understanding and Recognizing Mouth Breathing

How can you explain to your patients the need to breath through the nose, not the mouth? This article offers research-based information to help clinicians...

| 1 week ago

Retention as a Starting Point for Interdisciplinary Collaboration

This article offers strategies for GPs who want to help patients avoid pitfalls that commonly lead to orthodontic relapse.

| 1 week ago

Screw-Retained Single Implant Restorations Part I

Read this article before you screw retain that implant to make sure it's the best plan of action.

| 2 weeks ago

Spear Releases Study Club Module on Immediate Implant Placement

Spear has released a new Study Club module that covers the complexities and considerations of immediate implant placement and provisionalization.

| 2 weeks ago

How to Retrieve a Broken Implant Abutment

Here are 7 tips to retrieving a broken implant...

| 2 weeks ago

Orthodontic Anchorage: Is There a TAD In Your Future?

Learn more about the features and benefits of temporary anchorage devices (TADs) for orthodontic treatment.

| 2 weeks ago

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