bite registration techniquesWhen mounting diagnostic models the bite record determines the relationship of the lower model to the upper. There are three ways to obtain this relationship: leaf gauge, Lucia jig and bilateral manipulation; all three of these bite registration techniques are discussed and illustrated in this course.

The protrusive record adjusts the condylar inclination on the articulator, mimicking the angle of the eminence and creating accurate movement of the condylar element away from the seated position. Our new course, Bite Registration Techniques, aims to simplify CR bite records whether you're using a leaf gauge, Lucia jig or bilateral manipulation.

After viewing the lessons withing Bite Registration Techniques, you'll have a better understanding of:

  • Utilization of the leaf gauge

  • Utilization of the Lucia jig

  • Utilization of bilateral manipulation

  • Recording a protrusive bite record

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Denise Prichard is the Assistant Editor for Spear Education.