As we continue to offer insightful content by the Spear faculty and guest writers, we want to make certain that you don't miss any of it. The following is a wrap-up of the most popular articles on esthetics that resonated with our valued readers and demonstrates the depth and breadth of what we cover.

1. The Two Rules of Subgingival Margin Placement
By Frank Spear
Subgingival margin placement is necessary for several reasons: to hide the margin on a discolored tooth, to hide the margin when a more opaque restoration is placed, to chase old restorations or decay, and sometimes to increase the amount of tooth structure for the restoration. Read more >>

2. Black Bugs Under Margins?
By Steve Ratcliff
I received this image the other day with a question about what causes the black line under veneer provisionals. There are obviously tissue issues here as well and for our purposes here we will focus on the black line. Read more >>


3. Need Smoother Preps?
By John Carson
As we all know the smoother we make our preparations, especially in regards to indirect restorations, the better. Smooth preparations not only facilitate easier and better fabrication they also result in increased long-term predictability of our restorations. Read more >>


4. How to Manage White Spot Lesions
By Vivek Mehta
White spot lesions (WSL) are common during or after orthodontic treatment. Managing these lesions is a challenge. The following are best practice recommendations based on current research. Read more >>


5. Anterior Resin Restorations: Which Resin Do I Use?
By Jeff Lineberry
Composite or resin is used every day in my practice and just like a lot of things in dentistry today, it continues to be an ever-changing field. Read more >>