The Years: 1963 - 2011

The Countries:

  • Netherlands
  • Germany
  • Poland
  • Czechoslavakia
  • Dominican Republic
  • Canada

This week at the Spear campus I am reminded that dental health professionals of all ages and experience levels from all around the world are seeking the same things. Our workshops this week have dentists who graduated in the years 1963 to 2011 and who practice in these six countries in addition to the United States.

The collective knowledge and wisdom that is here is truly inspirational. When I ask why they've decided to come the answers are the same – no matter how long they've been doing it or where they came from, they seek the opportunity to be around others who are on the same road and to experience and share with them in the challenge of new and different ideas.

They seek to learn from the successes and the failures of others, and to share their own. They seek the joy of becoming a better dentist for the patients they serve. They seek GREAT dentistry! These are the professionals I get to learn with and from on a regular basis here on campus, thanks for coming!


Commenter's Profile Image Bill Stokes
May 10th, 2012
Since completely retiring from dentistry, I really feel the void of participation in continuing education workshops The process of learning stimulates one's mind, keeping it sharp and focused. The interaction with colleagues is another great stimulant, not only educationally and professionally but on a personal level. Friendships forged in class can last a lifetime! I truly appreciated the opportunity to learn on so many levels and to take my experiences back to the office. Although no longer practicing, I still find that principles gleaned in an academic environment have application in one's everyday life... William (Bill) Stokes, DDS Roanoke, VA
Commenter's Profile Image Cindy Cabrera
May 11th, 2012
As a finish another great week at Spear Education and prepare to go back home (Dominican Republic), I am amazed by the amount of knowledge that I take back and will put into practice right away. I congratulate all the people involved in making this wonderful professional experience possible. See you next year!!
Commenter's Profile Image Jiri Zvolanek
May 12th, 2012
Dear Gary, thanks for this post. I very much enjoyed my time in Scottsdale and learned a lot again. Can't wait to be back in October :)
Commenter's Profile Image Sacha Dammert
May 17th, 2012
Thanks for the post Gary. It was a great experience to be there. Next time you will have to add more flags for sure!!